About us

MOTTO: Love towards humankind is service to God

VISION : To promote equal opportunities for women, differently abled and destitute men that will enable them to be self reliant and to be integral part of mainstream society.


  • To create a sustainability livelihood for marginalized women and for youth with disability.
  • Enable their rights for sustainable development of marginalized sections of women and PWDs to enjoy their entitlements.
  • To give the destitute chances to live fully and to breathe their last breathe with dignity.
  • To create legal awareness and provide basic legal services in order to prevent violence and discrimination.
  • To reduce poverty and to empower them economically through income generation.
  • To identify patients at risk with development of wounds and complications and to create awareness on leprosy.

Our History

MOB Rural Health Centre is a non-governmental organization run by the daughters of the church initiatedwith the purpose of eradication of leprosy and later extended with to providing awareness on HIV/AIDS ,empowerment of women,education, livelihood,health, rehabilitation of the disabled to name a few.

Heading to the request of Dr.Hemareddy the then joint director of eradication of leprosy in Karnataka it had a humble beginning at Srirangapatana in 1992.

Taking a service notice of Sr. Leela who is a trained paramedical and who was serving for nine years in Sumanahallileprosy project Banglore Dr. HemaReddy requested her to extend the leprosy eradication project to Mandya District.

After convincing the major of the congregation it was decided to open the third community of the daughters of the church congregation in Mandya to take up social activation independently.

Though the mission was very challenging one the once thought unpleasant mission metamorphosed into a wonderful one due to the blessings of the almighty and the timeless and inspiring leadership of Sr. Leela. With divine providence Sr. Leela with two sisters started the mission work at Ganjam in Mandya District in ahouse hired on rent.It was not a bed of roses but the missionary zeal replaced all discomforts with hope and enthusiasm.

The mission started with the goal of “eradication of leprosy”. As a first step the sisters of the congregation with few staff first surveyed the villages in the entire taluks of Srirangapatana and Mandya to detect cases pertaining to leprosy. We concentrated on detecting the 950 caes of leprosy patients as noted by the district leprosy medical office. We detected that 350 of them needed MDT(Multidrug therapy)treatment which was then newly introduced by National Leprosy Eradication Programme (NLEP). As per our survey , we found that there were more leprosy patients needing our help in Mandya and introduced the same there in November 1992.

The headquarters of the organization was shifted due to the case of an operational system. We began our operating system of detecting and treating leprosy patients with zeal and enthusiasm. We thankfully remember the AIFO for
donating us a jeep of our mission to ease our traversing, the AIFO also permitted us to buy a piece of land to extend aid to the deformed leprosy patients. We thankfully remember the District Hospital management for helping
us to obtain two room in the premises of the government hospital one to dress the ulcer of the leprosy patients and the other to use as our office.

Through the new office, we began to detect the patients and motivated them to go in for a regular treatment of 6 Months
or 2 years depending on the seriousness of their sickness based on MB and PB we educated them on the consequences of irregular.

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