Snehalaya Childrens Care Is Centre Was Begun In The Year 2007 By MOB Rural Health Centre Mandya. The Centre Works In The Fields Of Health, Education And Social Awareness, Especially For The Welfare Of Orphan “Children With HIV/AIDS” And Women Victims Of HIV – AIDS. The Centre Serves The Poor And Unwanted HIV Positive Children To Help Them To Grow And Achieve Their Fullest Potentials. It Began In The Year 2007 By Seeing The Plight Of Children Who Had Become Orphans Due To This Deadly Illness. Till Today We Were Able To Manage The Home With The Generous Support Of Our Local Donors And We Are Grateful To Each Of Them And To Their Families. But Now After The Outbreak Of Covid-19 We Are Experiencing The Economical Crisis As The Donors Have Drastically Reduced. With This Reason We Are Looking For Funds To Run The Home For The Holistic Growth Of These Children.

Snehalaya HIV / AIDS CHILDREN’S CARE HOME shelters today 24 inmates, out of them 11 are girls and 10 are boys and three staff who reside in the centre. All the children are under ART treatment. There are non residing staff such as, Directress, Driver, Nurse, (our sister) dobby, yoga teacher, karate teacher, visiting doctors, and counsellor (Our sister). We run this centre with the goal “To improve the quality of life of the Orphan / rejected children infected by HIV/AIDS through holistic care and support”.

We Are Grateful To You For All Your Past And Present Support That You Extend Towards Our Centre. And We Esteem At Your Care For Each Of The Children And We Assure You That All The Funds Given Will Be Utilised For The Better Living Of These Children. Thanking You All In Anticipation For Your Kindness

Target Group

The Trust Serves The Needy HIV Infected Persons Men, Women And Children. “Home For Children” Is An Existing Project Run By The Trust Since November 17th 2007.  When The Care Home Was Begun The Place And Staff Was Sponsored From MOB RHC The Mother Organisation To The Care Home. After Seven Months The Concerned Authorities Decided To Bifurcate From MOB RHC And Decided To Make A Separate Trust And As A Result On The Course Of Time Snehadhara Trust Was Formed And Snehalaya Came Under This Trust. There Were No Particular Regular Donors. But There Are Few To Be Named Such As ODP Mysore, Ufficio Missionario Italy, Since Five Years MCKS Trust Bangalore, Once From Minority Office Of Karnataka Government And Many Other Individual Donors.

Target Area

The Target Area Of The Project Is Mandya And Mysore Districts Of Karnataka State.

Source of funds

Snehadhara Trust Raises Funds From The Trust Members, Well-Wishers And Friends Of The Trust, Also Accepts Donations In Kind And Cash.

Trust Members and staff

Trust Is Run By A Group Of Committed Women Who Are Trained Social Workers And Their Well-Wishers.


Present Activity

      Care Home


A Home For Orphan/Rejected Children With HIV/AIDS Is Being Run In A Well Equipped And Clean Building. At Present 24 Children And 2 Care Takers Are Staying At This Home And Some More Have Sought Admission, Though The Home Has The Capacity To Accommodate Up To 40 Children, But The Trust Has Not Been Able To Accept Them Due To Lack Of Funds. The Children Of The Care Home Are All Enrolled In The Neighboring Schools And Continue Their Regular Studies.




Project Goal

To improve the quality of life of the Orphan / rejected children infected by HIV/AIDS through holistic care and support.   


The Individuals Infected By HIV/AIDS Are Not In A Status Of (Social, Psychological, Physical, And Economic) Wellbeing. The Children Are Neglected And Uncared By The Parents Or By Their Relatives And Early Death Happens. Children Become Child Labourers, Antisocial Elements, School Drop Outs And Juvenile Delinquents. So It Is An Urgent Need To Provide A Protective Environment For The Children Infected By HIV/AIDS.


Objectives of the project

·       To Provide The Social, Psychological Support For The Children And Women Infected By HIV/AIDS.

·       To Ensure A Protective Environment For The Children Infected By HIV/AIDS.

·       To Enhance The Physical And Mental Condition Of The Children And Women Infected By HIV/AIDS.

·       To Give The Formal And  Non Formal Education For The Children Infected By HIV/AIDS.

·       To Help HIV + Women To Understand Their Own Risk In Life And Take Prevention Strategies.


·       Admit The Deserving Children In Snehalaya Home For Children

·       Register Them To The ART Centre And Follow Up Of Their Health

·       Provide Nutritious Food, Clean Environment, Clothing And Discipline

·       Admit The Children In The Regular Educational Institutions

·       Counseling To The Children, Women And Their Family Members For All Round Development.


project strategy

This Project Is The Community Cum Institutional Approach. The Existing Facilities In The Institution And In The Community Are Linked To Serve The Children Infected By HIV/AIDS And To Improve The Quality Of Life Of The Children And Women Infected By HIV/AIDS.


A.    Psychological And Social Support

B.    Nutrition Support

C.    Medical Support

A.    Psychological and Social support


·       Children will be provided sports facilities: indoor and outdoor games, a television, radio and a music system to entertain them.

·       The children will be given periodical counseling to tackle their problems with the help of the counselors. The older children and teens are provided with HIV/AIDS prevention education.

·       The children will be taken on educational outings and exposure visits to various places.

·       Once in every three months children’s relatives who are willing are organized together to have an interaction with one another.

·       Cultural programs and games will be conducted to encourage creativity and exhibit their talents.

·       Various skills training program will be conducted, in painting, drawing, knitting, tailoring, dancing etc by the professionals.

·       Yoga and meditation will be taught to the children.


B.    Nutrition support

With reference to the nutrition support, food chart will be prepared once in three months along with the participation of the children. With locally available rich high protein, carbohydrate and less in fat diet. Dietary charts will be prepared according to the needs of the children. 


C.    Medical support

·       All the children will be registered in the ART centre and district network for positive people

·       Once in every six months CD4 will be counted and recorded.

·       ART and DOT (wherever required) will be administered for those who are needy and will be followed up.

·       General health check up will be done once in every month.

·       Opportunistic infections will be treated by pediatrician.

In general

1.     The children will be provided with the formal education in regular educational institutions. They will be provided with all the educational materials needed for them with the donations collected from the firms and individuals.

2.     To ensure an enabling environment for the children to grow.

3.     HIV/AIDS prevention education will be given to them.


Geographical Area

Project located at Mandya and will cover the districts of Mandya, Mysore, Chamrajanagar Hassan, Ramnagaram.


Criteria of selection of the children (Positive)

Ø  Boys from 2 to 8 years, girls from 2 to 14 years.

Ø  Orphans, children of single parent

Ø  Low economic status and rejected children by their relatives.

Other children who do not qualify to be admitted in this home will be linked with the other government or non government institutions.



·       The children infected by HIV/AIDS had received Social, Psychological, medical, and nutritional support.

·       The children are in a protective environment.

·       Enhanced physical and mental condition of the children infected by HIV/AIDS

·       The children are educated in formal and non formal educational institutions.

·       The women infected by HIV/AIDS had received Social, Psychological, and nutritional support.

·       A better future prospects for the affected children



·       Number of children  given care in the home

·       Linkages with other service organizations

·       Case studies taken for 59 children

·       Documents maintained.

·       Number of women supported and life span extended.

·       Number of children who are in home based care given educational, nutritional, social support.

Snehadhara is soliciting financial support for this project and the detailed budget is given below.




Budget For One Year For Snehalaya Children’s Care Centre (Snehadhara)


Food expenses & Nutritional support



100per day* 27members *30days *12months




Medicine at care Home





For other opportunistic infections.













Infection control

(cleaning articles)








School bags

Rs.750 *20



Note books & other

Study materials






2 pairs of uniform

And shoes

Rs 1000×20



School Conveyance








Care taker cum warden (day & night)





























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