Community based rehabilitation (CBR) for the disabled

Having come across many neglected and rejected persons with u in the rural areas, in the year 2000 the project extended its service to the Community Based Rehabilitation of the disabled in 1219 villages of Mandya, SR Patna, Pandavapura, Nagamangala, Mysore and Savanur Taluks.

Door to door survey is done for identifying persons with disabilities. 12252 persons have been identified and 11,133 have been referred to different centres for assessment and medical certificate. Three physiotherapists of the project go from house to teach the caretakers to give regular physiotherapy to those in need. 1195 disabled persons are given physiotherapy. The disabled are organised into SHGs in order to get financial help from government and non-government organisations. So for we have formed 270 SHGs of the disabled including leprosy patients.

Eye screening camps are conducted in all the school of target area for detecting signs and symptoms of early blindness. During last decade MOB did the eye screening for 64800 village children, out of which 575 referred to eye specialist. 12 blind children are enrolled in Ramanamaharshi academy for the blind. 4320 adults were directed for cataract surgery during the eye camps conducted by government hospitals. 45 children with speech and hearing problem are sent to Montfort School at Belagola, Srirangapatna. Other children with minor disabilities are enrolled in normal schools. Their teachers are motivated to accept them and handle them with care. A good numbers of disabled children are provided with uniforms and study materials. 1850 disabled school children were assists by MOB get scholarships. Our CBR Team in collaboration with local Saksharatha Centres has provided reading and writing skill to 4246 disabled who never attend formal school.

The MOB project financial help for 26 disabled to correctives surgeries in hospitals like Gopalgowda Hospital Mysore and St. Johan’s Medical College, Bangalore.

The project has supplied the following aids and appliances for the disabled. 568 tricycles, 694 wheelchairs, 312 artificial limbs, 210 pairs of auxiliary crutches, 198 elbow crutches, 136 callipers, 14 walkers, 28 waterbed, 675 hearing aids, 112 white canes and 654 MCR footwear. In Mandya, MOB runs an orthotic centre where the ortho technician makes calliper and splint, and also repairs the aids and appliances.

The project succeeded in obtaining pension for 5618, bus pass for 1400 and train pass for 2848 disabled. 2 career guidance workshops were conducted by APD (Association for physical disabilities) and Infosys in Mandya and Nagamangala for the disabled of the project.

Some of the disabled are trained in our centre for candle making. 23 disable are placed in leather bag making sector of Sumanahalli leprosy project, Bangalore.

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