Destitute Home- An institutional care

Problems of aged and the infirm are becoming more complex today. In India, the aged constitute about 7.5% of the total population. Large portions of the aged are living in villages where poverty is wide spread. The young people seeking employment outside the villages tend to leave the elderly behind unattended. The elderly are left in isolation and loneliness. Men suffer more when the wife dies.

An important need of the aged is to get “CARE” to meet their economic, social and psychological needs. A satisfactory accommodation, enough food, care and certain facilities that maintain human dignity are needed.

Seeing this, MOB RHC has begun an initiative recently – home for destitute at Mandya. It is a 20 bed centre with a medical room. We have 5 staff members managing this centre including a full time nurse. We also provide counselling services here. We also have a facility to treat leprosy patients suffering from ulcer.

We constantly work to reunite our wards with their families, refer patients suffering from serious illnesses to better equipped hospitals and ensure care and dignity to the homeless and the destitute.

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