Awareness Programmes

In order to achieve the aims and objectives every week awareness programmes are organized in villages, schools and colleges of four Taluks (Mandya, Srirangapatna, Pandavapura and Nagamangala) through T.V. Show, Street play, health talk on various subjects like leprosy, disability, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. 1900 T.V. shows, 5615 health talks, 432 street plays have been held in the villages. A total number of 7947 programmes have been so far conducted.

From 1992, 35 Exhibitions Are Conducted During The Anti-Leprosy Month (January) In Order To Give Awareness Of Early Signs And Symptoms Of Leprosy So That People May Take Care To Report Voluntarily To The Medical Officer. On World AIDS Day (December 1) MOB Collaborates With Other NGOs To Organize Rally And Public Functions. Similar Functions Are Also Held On The Occasion Of The World Disabled Day (December 3). Moreover To Create Awareness In The Villages About Disability, Leprosy And HIV/AIDS Our Grass Root Workers (GRW) Write Slogans In Local Languages On The Walls Of Important Places Like Anganawadi, Hospitals, School Compounds, Bus Stops, Water Tanks And Other Crowded Areas. From 2000 Onwards 202 Training Programmes Have Been Given To Anganawadi Teachers In Detecting Cases Of Disability And Reporting Them To Our GRW When They Approach Them. So Far MOB Has Conducted 3120 Nutrition Camps In Villages For The Breastfeeding Mothers, Pregnant Ladies And Young Women Of Marriageable Age In Order To Teach Them How To Prepare A Balanced Diet With Whatever Is Available In The Villages So As To Prevent Disability In Newborn Babies. Information About The Nutritious Contents In Each Vegetable, Fruit And Grain Produced In The Villages Is Given And A Demo Of Preparation Of Food With The Above-Mentioned Items Is Also Done. 187200 Ladies Have Participated In The Various Camps.

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